10 annoying things your cat does

Cats may be good at ignoring people, but when they want your attention, they’ll do anything to get it. 

So you’re lying on the couch reading the paper when Muffy leaps up onto your chest. This is fine until she begins to stomp around, claws extended and digging into your flesh. 

You know he means well, but when Charlie comes through the doggie door with a dead bird in his mouth, you can’t help but be a little revolted. 

You bought a scratching post, but as far as Ginger is concerned, it can’t hold a candle to your favourite armchair. 


It starts with your cat lying under the tree, adorably batting at a low hanging bauble. The next thing you hear is the sound of shattering ornaments 

People who work from home know this one all too well. You’re in the middle of banging out a proposal when Mr. Bigglesworth slithers under your arm and begins making himself comfortable 

Nobody quite understands this one, but cats love to gnaw on people. It’s really no worse that when a puppy chews on your finger, but still. 

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