10 Annoying things your dog does

You expected your pet to shed when you adopted them. But mounds of fur under every surface weren't what you wanted. You adore your pet, but sweeping 

You may buy your dog the most expensive chew toy in the pet store, but they won't care! They prefer to chew on carpets, shoes, draperies, rubbish bags, and toes.

You prepare for a restful sleep by putting on your pajamas, turning off the lights, and snuggling under the sheets. Your dog then licks himself.

Dog barking for no cause is probably the most annoying thing. Maybe they heard a disturbance you didn't or the wind picked up outside, but these sporadic barks are bothersome


Even if you're eating carrots or potato chips, your dog needs food. Dogs usually plead with mild whining, puppy dog eyes, and a paw on the thigh. It's obnoxious, not cute.

Some dogs eat and drink so messyly that you wonder why you put it in a bowl. You find kibble chunks beneath the sofa, beside the fridge

Dogs can misbehave in public. The lack of decency—butt scooting on the carpet, licking their private parts, or humping a visitor's leg—is embarrassing and annoying.

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