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10 Different Types Of Guys in Relationship

His charisma, success, talent, beauty, and charisma put you and everyone else under his spell.  The conversation he is having is brilliant, and he must take the lead.

Mr. Narcissist

He doesn't rush to be there for you.  He makes a lot of justifications and lacks focus.  He frequently discusses his past.

Mr. Emotionally Unavailable

Although the man in front of you now isn't spectacular, he does have promise.

Mr. Needs-To-Be-Fixed

He may not have ever been married, has a history of brief relationships, and is not interested in becoming a spouse.

Mr. Commitment-Phobe

He receives assistance at your expense, and aiding him frequently puts you in danger.  What he steals from you benefits neither you nor the relationship.

Mr. Parasite

These boys are the worst, in my opinion.  He holds you accountable for mistakes that you didn't make.  He addresses you in a childlike manner.

Mr. Bully

Everything you say will have his approval.   He is unable to express or defend his ideas or goals.

Mr. Pushover

He's in a relationship with a lady, married, engaged, or a father.  Please be aware that even though he is only separated from his wife, he is still married.

Mr. Taken

He presumably plays in a band, has the best beard or hair, and is the greatest guy ever.  Also, he is very intelligent and has a keen sense of style.

Mr. Cool Guy

Even if there isn't a strong connection, you persuade yourself that he is the ideal guy because he has the job, the good looks, the body, and the brains.

Mr. Perfect on paper