10 Difficult Dog Breeds to Own

Husky  the Husky has "too much fur," is "too independent (I need a dog who needs me)," "talks too much (I get migraines)," and is "too stubborn."

Welsh Corgi Queen Elizabeth II loved corgis, but this doggy daycare worker says they have "too much energy" and are "always getting dirty." Naturally, there's barking.According to the AKC, Corgis have 4 energy and barking levels

Boxer After playing against Boxers. "They mean well they just escalate play WAY too fast." It has been said that these canines "have CRAZY jumping skills" and are "pure muscle," 

The World Animal Foundation states that Color Dilution Alopecia (CDA) can affect silver labs. "CDA is a genetic condition prevalent in diluted dog breeds."


Great Dane Simple reason why this puppy daycare worker wouldn't get a Great Dane.  "The 'Apollo of Dogs,' the easygoing Great Dane, is a joy to live with, but keeping a dog of such size, weight, and strength is a big commitment.

Boston Terrier I really do love them but they have so much energy," she explains, adding that they're prone to "too much jumping," and that they "play really hard and escalate play really fast 

Blue Heeler you may know the Blue Heeler as the Australian Cattle Dog. The doggie daycare worker claims they're "too much" for her lifestyle and "can have aggression issues."

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