10 Easy Nail Art Designs to Try at Home in 2023

Beautiful nail art designs are hard to accomplish at beginning. Although the guide makes things look easy, it's not. There is a nail art design for everyone, beginner or pro.

Nail Art Brushes: A good selection of nail art brushes can make your work easier and more exact.

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Dotting Method: Marking tiny dots on the nail beforehand helps you gauge how far to go while making a line or arch.


This nail art is easy and excellent for beginners. Nail polishes are all you need for this. This lesson will use certain colors, but you decide! Try other hues!

Now that you can do nail art at home using just polish, it's time to add tools! This nail art is also really easy! Very casual, it may be worn anytime.

I understand your concern. Most importantly, this is simple despite its complexity. Red, white, and blue were chosen in the guide, but you can choose your colors!

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