10 Food Trends for 2023

Proximity and transparency

People want to know where their food comes from & how it’s prepared. Consumption on the planet will be expressed by transparency b/w consumers & supply.


Better use of non-perishable products, canned food and other lower-cost ingredients that will play a more prominent role in your recipes.

More meatless plates

In 2023, will shine a light on vegetarian dishes and ingredients, treating them in the exact same way in the kitchen as we would meat proteins.

The rise of mushrooms

More and more restaurants are including them in their menus for their rich umami flavor, their low environmental impact, and also their low cost.

Expanding on eating local

Consumers’ curiosity to learn more about where their food comes from push to innovate in order to offer quality “local” products without compromise.

Social media and fusion cuisine

Social media will open our eyes to recipes from the world. an amalgamation of two trends brings inspired recipes & a desire to discover new products.

The new spicy

This desire for discovery lead us to peppers and spices, popularity of hot peppers in recent years.

Passionate about drinks

Plan meals that include foods you like and include recipes you’re excited to try.

Passionate about drinks

Propelled by the soaring rise of non-alcoholic beverages, a growing interest in other little-known drinks is to be expected.


several varieties of algae exist in the St. Lawrence River and would benefit from being discovered and appreciated in 2023.

AlgaBring on the boardse

We’ve seen board in abundance these past few months. The butter board trend will last beyond th next few months, but concept itself is sure to spread.