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10 Rarest Cats in World

Turkish Van Cat

Turkish Van: with a distinctively coloured head and tail design, it is strong and cheerful.  Unusual breed from the Middle East that matures in three to five years.


A mutation identified in the 1980s gave rise to the distinctively curly fur of LaPerm cats.  They have long or short hair and are extremely intelligent, playful, and active.


Crusaders introduced the "laughing blue cat," the national cat of France. After WWII, breeders saved an almost extinct species, a US rarity.


Tonkinese cats make excellent companions for dogs since they are tolerant and loving.  They are articulate and intelligent, with a pure personality and a lot of energy.

Egyptian Mau

Only 6,700 Egyptian Maus have been registered by the CFA, making them one of the rarest cat breeds.  They are extremely active and the only domestic cat with naturally occurring spots.


The Minskin cat is a short-legged cat with a Corgi-like appearance.  It's a friendly hybrid of the Munchkin, Burmese, Devon Rex, and Sphynx that does well inside.

Norwegian Forest cat

Rare and active Norwegian Forest cats are kind, clever, and family-oriented.  They form strong ties with many different people.

Kurilian Bobtail

There are just 100 Kurilian Bobtail cats in North America, making them an uncommon breed.  They are a 100% natural breed with short, distinctive tails.

Devon Rex

Originally from Devonshire in the UK, Devon Rex cats.  They resemble elves because to their wide eyes, short muzzles, high cheekbones, and enormous, low-set ears.

Sokoke Cat

The rarest domestic breed in the world is the Sokoke Cat from Kenya.  It's a shorthaired cat that cherishes harmony and intelligence and establishes strong relationships with family.