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10 Red Flags That Your Puppy Needs to See the Vet

Dogs skipping meals is common, but going two days without food indicates a problem that requires testing.

Make us feel less alone

It's important to keep an eye on your dog's water consumption because it could be a sign of diabetes or kidney illness, which would explain why they need more water and urinate more frequently.

Excessive thirst

An issue, such as an allergy or skin condition, may be indicated by a dog's dull, scratchy, or balding coat. For a correct diagnosis, see a veterinarian.

Rough or dry coat

A lethargic dog may be a sign of deeper problems.  If weariness lasts more than two days, consult a veterinarian.

Seeming sluggish and tired

If your dog vomits a lot, has blood in their vomit, is acting lethargic or in discomfort, or if their vomiting is accompanied by other symptoms like diarrhrea, call your veterinarian right once.


Dogs in good health have moist, tiny, firm stools.  Dry, hard stools may be a sign of dehydration, dietary disorders, or health problems. 

Unusual stool

We become more friendly while walking our dogs, which leads to interactions with park visitors and nearby residents.

Sudden weight loss

Dogs with discharge, squinting, or cloudy/red eyes may have an infection or damage.  Early examination is necessary to avoid blindness.

Cloudy or red eyes

Your dog may have worms, clogged or diseased anal glands, a urinary tract infection, or diarrhoea if she is scooting or dragging her behind on the floor.

Scooting or dragging rear

Take care, damaged bones from being hit by a car or another trauma, open wounds from being hit, or stopped breathing; frequent vomiting; or vomiting blood seizure

Emergency symptoms