13 Effective Weight Loss Tips for Lazy People

If you’re not hungry enough to spend 20 minutes cooking up some bland rice, you’re not really hungry. Even **** like that will taste like mana from heaven when you’re truly hungry. 

Stopped drinking beer last summer. Lost 15lbs in 6 weeks. Started drinking again in the fall, gained it all back 

Last time I shopped on an empty stomach I ended up in the back of the parking lot hacking at a tub of ice cream doused in Hershey hard shell with a plastic spoon from the deli 

I started rock climbing. It burns a ton of calories & I can stay for hours. I go twice a week now. 


“Man I try to get out from my desk and walk the halls for about 30 min in my building, and the days I don’t get the chance to do that I can really tell. 

“This and invisalign made my gums/teeth really sore for the first few days after switching retainers so I didn’t want to eat anyway. 

In a similar fashion, I lost a lot of weight freshman year of college because I was too lazy to walk to the dining hall to eat. 

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