6 Brilliant Nail Polish Remover DIY Ideas

Most nail polish removers contain acetone, a powerful solvent that dissolves polish. Ethyl acetate, isopropyl alcohol, and propylene carbonate are also found in nail polish removers

These chemicals make nail paint more soluble in acetone and easier to remove.

Lemon removes nail polish naturally. This natural substance is utilized in manicures and pedicures. Simply rub a lemon slice on your nails to remove nail paint. 

Acidic vinegar breaks down nail paint. Homeowners and supermarkets sell vinegar.


For homemade nail paint removal without lemon juice and vinegar, rub alcohol works well. Commercial removers include harsher chemicals than this natural one. 

 Store-bought nail polish removers include acetone, which can be irritating. Don't worry! Solvents in deodorants can also destroy nail polish.

Hand sanitizer is another DIY nail polish remover! This is easily found at home, so try it!

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