6 Plank Exercises For Reducing Lower Belly Fat

To shape your belly, we have some helpful tips. Planks alone may not help you reduce five inches of belly fat, but a proper diet and strength exercise will.

These workouts to decrease five inches of belly fat start with the Plank Touch Reach. To start, do a pushup with broad feet. 

Reach one hand to the other toe. Once you touch your foot, drop back into the plank and completely extend your working arm. Perform 3–4 sets of 10 reps on one side before switching.

Next, Plank Jacks. Do a pushup with both feet together. Jump both feet out wide and bring them in with your hands firmly on the floor. Keep your core strong and back straight during the workout.


Plank to Pushup begins with a forearm plank, tight back, core, and glutes. Pushups are done by pushing up with one hand and then the other

Plank Shoulder Taps involve a pushup with shoulders aligned with wrists and hips high. Keep your core tight while you reach for the other shoulder with one hand.

The Long Lever Plank is a standard plank with farther-out elbows. This makes the position harder to maintain. You must tighten your core and squeeze your glutes throughout this workout.

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