7 gorgeous gray cat breed

Highly intelligent, the Russian Blue requires lots of physical and mental stimulation to ensure they stay happy and healthy so you’ll want to ensure you learn how to play with a cat in order to satisfy their enrichment needs. 

Just one word of warning - this breed does have a high prey drive, so while feathered toys will go down a treat, we recommend putting these away when not in use as they have a reputation for both tearing 

Heavy muscles and large bones give this kitty their round, thick appearance and you can see why they were originally used to keep rodents out of barns and houses.  

The Chartreux (pronounced shar-true) is very similar in appearance to the British Shorthair with a heavily muscled and heavily boned body that gives that same thick and round appearance.  


A silver-tipped, blue-gray feline that hails from Thailand, the Korat is a rare breed that has a regal appearance and is revered in its home country for bringing good luck to anyone fortunate enough to have it as a member of the family. 

If you’d never heard of the Nebelung until now, rest assured, you’re not alone! A rare, pedigree breed, they originated in America and got their name from the German word Nebel meaning ‘mist’ or ‘fog 

A cat made entirely of curves, the Scottish Fold is one distinctive breed thanks to its small and neatly folded forward ears and round face. 

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