9 Worst Muscle-Destroying Foods

Just because you hit the weight room today, doesn't mean you "deserve" a drink. Quitting—or even just scaling back—on alcohol will work wonders for your muscles. 

Excessive consumption of sugars and added sugars, especially in sugary beverages, can lead to weight gain and insulin resistance 

fried chicken is high in saturated fat and calories. And eating too many calories from fried foods can lead to excess fat gain rather than lean muscle gain. 

French fries may be the perfect complement to your burger, but they're not doing your buns any favors. Fries are ultra-processed and high in saturated fat — a combo that can contribute to weight gain 


Candy, whether it's sour or sweet, is one of the top sources of added sugars. And eating too much sweet stuff can lead to weight gain and insulin resistance 

Excessive intake of sugary baked goods like cakes and cookies without the intake of a balanced and nutritious diet can negatively impact muscle growth and maintenance 

While the caffeine in coffee can help boost your energy to crush a workout, if you're opting for something like a frappe or caramel latte, you're getting loads of added sugar 

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