Based on your zodiac sign, what sort of burger are you?

The cardinal energy of Aries is initiatory and inspiring and rightfully, the release of the Whopper heralded in a wave of deluxe competitors including the Big Mac. 

Taurus folk are unapologetically bad and bougie; they’re here for the earthly delights, the extra cheese and the hotel room upgrade. 

Gemini is symbolized by the mythical twins Castor and Pollux who represent the duality present in all people. There is perhaps no more fitting example of swinging betwixt polarities than the career trajectory of Jon Basso, owner of Las Vegas, Nevada’s infamous Heart Attack Grill. 

Cancer rules the fourth house of home and root systems and as such natives display an acute and rose colored longing for the past. 


Lions hate to come in second place and The Big Mac was invented by a Pennsylvania bred Leo by the name of Jim Delligatti who was inspired to add the item to his franchise menu 

Virgos are often and unduly described as precious and particular squares that are uptight about cleanliness and judgmental about most everything else. 

Rulers of the seventh house of partnership, contracts, legal bindings, hand shakes and hand jobs, Libra is the uncontested diplomat of the zodiac. 

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