Best Way to Cook Eggs in an Air Fryer

if you learn how to do it properly, you can make delicious air fryer eggs in a matter of minutes, which will save you both time and energy on busy mornings 

This tool uses hot air and a fan to blow the air around and cook the food inside, which adds a natural crisp on the outside of the food 

 Air fryers are similar to convection ovens, but they're smaller and fit on your countertop better. They also heat food faster because there's less room for heat to fill.

The air fryer has become a household favorite due to its convenience, speed, and wonderful crispiness.


There are some foods you shouldn't cook in the air fryer, even though the list appears unlimited. Shredded cheese, flaky fish, leafy greens

best cooked in a different way than in the air fryer since the hot air and fan approach makes them too dirty and will not cook them properly. As long as you know how, you can air fry eggs.

If you're cooking one egg, use a ramekin in the air fryer. "If you're making more than one egg, use a soufflé cup." Without a dish, eggs would spill over and not cook correctly

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