Can Dogs Swim in Chlorine Pools?

Pool disinfection usually uses modest levels of chlorine that are safe for dogs. Dogs with sensitive or dry skin may have more severe reactions to chlorine

drinking pool water may have digestive issues like vomiting and esophagus erosion if the chlorine concentration is high or the amount of water ingested is more than a few accidental sips. 

Chlorinated pools can dry up delicate skin and make fur brittle, which can be frustrating for dogs with skin and coat issues.

Always wash your dog after swimming to prevent it. Alternatively, you can use tap water to rinse out the chlorinated pool water, but if your dog is sensitive and you want to let them swim sometimes


After a pool swim, use a light, moisturizing pet shampoo like this oatmeal blend to enrich their skin and coat and counteract chlorine drying.

Keep an eye on dogs that drink pool water. Dogs and humans can safely take small amounts of chlorine in pools, but other chemicals used to manage pool water may not.

Dogs may swim in chlorine pools if you follow some safety rules, so you can enjoy summer with your pet. However, if your dog won't cooperate

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