Cowboys aren't a Super Bowl danger unless they solve one major issue

The Dallas Cowboys are not a credible Super Bowl contender unless they address a fundamental issue¹. The Cowboys dominate at home but struggle on the road. It adds that the Cowboys' loss to the Bills supports this.

The Cowboys must strengthen their defense and special teams to play well away. The Cowboys have a good squad, but they must play better together to advance. The Cowboys often self-destruct in important games. 

The Cowboys must avoid expensive mistakes and play disciplined to be considered a Super Bowl contender. The Cowboys must improve their mental toughness and resilience to overcome obstacles.



The Dallas Cowboys have addressed their weaknesses. The Cowboys' defense and special teams have improved on the road after major improvements. The Cowboys have also worked on mental toughness and resilience to win tough games.

The Cowboys' road win over the Minnesota Vikings shows their improvement. In a 40-3 triumph over the Vikings, the Cowboys achieved their greatest road win in franchise history

Cowboys' defense limited Vikings to 3 points, amazing. Special teams helped the Cowboys win with a blocked punt and score.

Recent victory gives the Cowboys momentum heading into the playoffs. Cowboys have everything to win a Super Bowl, but they must play with discipline and mental tenacity. 

After improving their defense and special teams, the Cowboys must stay focused to make a long postseason run.