Family-Friendly Dog Breeds

The tried and true lovable goldens seem like they were practically made for young kids. 

Between their patient, loving nature and their natural playfulness, there’s a reason these beauties are often spotted hanging out with little ones. 

Like their golden brethren, labradors are some of the most popular amongst families because of their lovable personality. 

With their naturally sweet nature, they already consider themselves kids. So, it only seems appropriate that they hang with the other children in the family all day, every day. 


Whether it’s the brilliant Border Collie whose mind is almost as smart as a young child’s or another type of the tried-and-true trainable Collie, this breed is particularly great for children. 

Not only will they happily hang out with little ones for hours, but they are also really responsive to training. 

The Collie can even help show a child some of the benefits of training and positive interactions with your pup. 

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