Friendliest Dog Breeds for Your Family

There are lots of things to consider when adding a new dog to the family, including size, age and activity level of the pooch and of your existing family members. 

Labrador retrievers, commonly known as labradors or labs, are popular in Canada and the United Kingdom. And in the United States, they are the most popular breed of dog 

"These breeds love to play fetch in the yard, love to swim, love to romp with children, and have provided decades of fun and love for many American families 

According to the AKC, goldens are "an exuberant Scottish gundog of great beauty [that] stands among America’s most popular dog breeds 


Goldens seem to never quite grow up and always keep the happy-go-lucky attitude of young puppies," says Steffi Trott, a professional dog trainer with SpiritDog Training in Albuquerque 

. The golden's sweet, eager-to-please personality is topped with a remarkably easygoing nature, 

These dogs are naturally in tune with owners, fun loving and nearly human-like in their care, concern, and compassion for children, adults, family and strangers." 

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