Health Experts' 4 Signs of a Healthy Metabolism

Your metabolism is complex and occurs in every cell. These mechanisms convert food into amino acids, carbs, and lipids that fuel your body. 

This includes “building muscles and brain cells, repairing organs, providing immune system materials to fight infections, and everything in between.”

Due to this, each person's “healthy” metabolism is unique, although it typically indicates the body can maintain its basic cellular activities.

In wellness, a “healthy” metabolism is typically equated with a “fast” or “good” metabolism (or as a euphemism for being slim or losing weight), however that may not always be the case.


“A fast metabolism makes it harder for many people to gain weight, which is an important and worthwhile goal,”

Many people get colds, especially in winter or after traveling. You may thank your immune system and metabolism, which are tightly linked, for lesser symptoms and faster recovery.

“Regulated stress levels can be a sign of healthy metabolism,” Dr. Kelley says. Stress raises heart rate and blood pressure. This increases oxygen and blood flow to your brain, heart, and lungs, alerting you.

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