How Each Zodiac Sign Loves

Taurus, an earth sign, likes luxury. They give gifts and serve their loved ones. During busy times, your Taurus companion will accomplish what you wish you had time for

Virgos love helping their partners, like Taurus. Virgos would do whatever to get you everything, but they don't rush into love. Astrologer Heather Renae Horton told Bustle

They're caregivers who value service and responsibility. They are detail-oriented and continually improving. Virgo pays attention to details and helps their spouse develop when in love

Capricorns don't always want someone equal or better than them; sometimes they like to be with someone who lets them control and guide the relationship


You must offer something in return." As the third earth sign, they also favor acts of service, like lavishing you with gifts and loyalty. Capricorn partners demonstrate affection by doing things for you.

Geminis are legendary flirters. This is because air signs are terrific conversationalists and crave attention. They'll constantly flirt with you, but once they're yours, you can ignore it. 

Libras naturally fall in love quickly. Stylecaster quoted astrologer Desiree Roby Antila: "Libras are the zodiac's archetypal romantics, and their yearning for partnership motivates their every action 

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