How to Remove Gel-X Nails at Home

Gel-X nails are familiar to manicure salon regulars. Professionals can apply Gel-X soft gel nail extensions quickly and easily, unlike acrylic and hard gel nails.

You must prepare your nails before removing your Gel-X manicure at home. Aprés Nail recommends filing off the top coat and gel paint before applying Gel-X, a soft gel manicure that is removed with acetone.

The purpose of buffing the top coat and "disrupt" the gel layer will enable the acetone lift your manicure faster, according to L'Oréal.

Cut your lengthy nails before filing to save time. Since clippers are stronger and can penetrate through gel, they are better for this step than nail scissors.


An electric nail file speeds up removal preparation, but it's not required. However, using an E-file wrongly might harm nails, so be careful.

Most E-files include multiple attachments, so use the right one (through Gemma Etc.). Buffing and filing attachments are more effective than polishing attachments, therefore check the instructions.

Slowly increase pace when you feel comfy handling the file. Keeping both hands still and the one you're working on flat will help you file steadily. Avoid harsh, rapid movements and work slowly from the nail's exterior inward.

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