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Innovative Food Companies to Know

Food production has become a hotbed for innovation with household names and food tech startups working together.

Hershey has expanded beyond its iconic chocolate to a broad portfolio of snacks, including low-sugar chocolate from Lily's Sweets, aligning with the wellness trend.

The Hershey Company

Kraft Heinz has developed a neural network that supports the global manufacture, processing, and marketing of food and beverages.

The Kraft Heinz Company

Wonders: a platform for indie restaurants providing admin support for orders, staffing, payments & marketing; increasing sales & reducing costs.


Aromyx applies sensory science to consumer research. It measures tastes and smells to craft a curated shopping experience via lab analysis and questionnaires.


Creator is a SF startup with a culinary robot that makes gourmet, made-to-order burgers. 350 sensors and 20 computers complete an order in 5 mins.


Evoware rethinks plastic with biodegradable, seaweed-based packaging. Sachets and cups double as a nutritional snack. Other materials also used.


King’s Hawaiian uses augmented reality in-store displays with a QR-code scavenger hunt featuring Guy Fieri, for a chance to win a Hawaii trip.

King's Hawaiian

Klim is an agtech company using a smartphone app to encourage regenerative farming. Farmers can track progress on Klim's platform and earn payouts


MicroHarvest is a Hamburg-based biotech startup producing protein alternatives from bacteria in one day, with over 60% protein content.


Mouth is a Brooklyn-based online marketplace that curates specialty food from indie distributors. It offers unique edible treats, subscriptions and gift boxes.