Makeup Mistakes That Age You

Darker shadows can also emphasize crow's feet. "Instead, opt for neutral matte eye shadows in soft browns or mauves in the crease 

For most women, concealer is an everyday staple, but just because you apply it on the regular doesn't mean you're using it correctly.  

Many people choose a concealer that's way too light in hopes that it (along with anti-aging eye creams) will cancel out under-eye darkness 

If it's been longer than a couple weeks since you've cleaned your makeup brushes—or if you can't remember the last time you gave them a wash—it's time to break out the cleanser. 


There's a good chance you've heard that leaving your brows untouched is one of the biggest makeup mistakes that make you look older. 

Setting powder can keep everything in place. But using too much is a no-no. According to celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes, using too much powder can enhance flaws and age your face really fast. 

Using your fingers is a fast and easy way to apply large swatches of makeup, from foundation and concealer to liquid blush and creamy bronzer. 

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