Making a Hurting Dog Feel Better

A dog’s happiness and quality of life can be negatively impacted by any discomfort they endure, whether temporary (like after dental work) or chronic (like after surgery). Dogs in discomfort will be less interested in their typical household activities. 

Your veterinarian can diagnose the problem and provide a treatment plan based on the specifics. While it may be tempting to go for an over-the-counter pain reliever for pet owners, you should refrain since most of these pills are highly hazardous to dogs. 

Prescription painkillers for dogs should be given regularly. To avoid giving your dog a double dosage or a dose earlier than necessary, which might raise the risk of adverse effects, set a reminder on your phone 

If a dog is in discomfort, it may require more rest and less desire to socialize. Providing your pet with a kennel in a separate bedroom or other peaceful location will help them heal without further aggravating their suffering. 


Regarding your dog’s well-being, “you want to provide a space where he or she feels safe and protected.” This will keep them from having fight or flight reactions and possibly reinjuring themselves.” 

Providing an orthopedic bed and soft blankets will keep your dog comfortable. At the same time, they recover from an injury or surgery or rest during illness — but think twice before setting up a heating pad. 

Dogs with musculoskeletal pain due to injuries, arthritis or other orthopedic conditions showed improved gait, posture and behavioral issues. They were more able to engage in daily activities after receiving a massage.  

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