Most Popular Fast Food Chain in Each State

KFC has had its ups and downs over the decades, but it's still holding strong in regard to profit. It's a massive success overseas, even going as far as becoming a Christmas tradition in Japan.  

the company has had to add to and change the menu a bit to keep up with the fast-food Joneses. In 2021, it introduced its chicken sandwich to great success and recently began selling nuggets.  

The only option for eating Chinese on this list comes courtesy of Panda Express. By offering a menu that combines familiar Chinese flavors with quick-service convenience 

The brand's focus on freshness, with food prepared in small batches throughout the day, ensures that customers receive flavorful and satisfying meals. Its orange chicken dish is always a favorite. 


Sonic Drive-In leans into the days of the car hop. This and its diverse menu offerings make it a favorite among patrons who want to enjoy a meal from the comfort of their cars. 

The brand's emphasis on friendly customer service and Happy Hour promotions have helped make Sonic a popular choice for a quick, fun bite. Plus, its drinks are some of the best in the biz. 

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