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Best Street Food NYC  has to offer

Best Street Foods in NYC

NYC is a cultural melting pot with diverse street food. It has a history of being home to different ethnicities. Explore THE street food NYC has to offer.

Mamak Rendang Stew

Mamak Rendang in NYC offers a wide range of authentic Malaysian dishes.  We recommend trying the tasty Mamak Rendang Stew!

Makina Food Truck

Makina serves traditional Ethiopian cuisine favored by the local African population.  Vegetarian dishes include red lentil stew, injera, and side dishes.

NY Dosas

NY Dosas in NYC's Washington Square Park has been serving delicious vegetarian South Indian dosas.It also offers samosas which   the locals like.

Nuts 4 Nuts

NYC's Nuts 4 Nuts is a single franchise with multiple carts offering roasted nuts like cashews, pistachios, and almonds by Alejandro Road. 


Calexico, NYC serves traditional Mexican cuisine like tacos, burritos, etc. which are all-time favourites. They have carts in Prince and Wooster St. 

Breakfast Cart Bagels chain in NYC serves nutritious breakfast items like bagels, pastries, hot coffee, and more at affordable prices near subway stations.

Breakfast Cart Bagels

Red Hook Lobster Truck

NYC's Lobster Rolls food truck serves mouth-watering, Maine-style lobster rolls with cheese and mayo at multiple locations, starting at $16. 

Banh Mi Cart in NYC offers traditional Vietnamese cuisine, including Banh Mi sandwiches, special baguettes, grilled sardines, and eel. 

Banh Mi Cart