8 dog breeds that are becoming extinct


People wanted this pup for its silky coat, which eventually led to the development of the Yorkshire Terrier, one of the tiniest dog breeds that we all know and love.  

Norfolk Spaniels were grouped in with English Springer Spaniels, one of the smartest dog breeds, in 1903, but this wasn’t the first time, as most of their existence was spent being crossed with other breeds.  

The White English terrier was bred by an anxious group of breeders that were eager to create a new breed from a pricked-ear version of the White Fox terriers that later became our beloved Fox terriers and Jack Russell terriers. 

Humans were not the only ones who benefited from technology. The Turnspit was actually bred to complete an interesting kitchen task. 


Tahltan Bear Dogs were used as companions of the Tahltan people and often for hunting bears. Although strong enough to take down a bear, the now extinct dog breed was categorized as very gentle 

A cross between a domestic dog and a coyote, the Hare-Indian dog was kept by many Athabaskan tribes for hunting near the Great Bear Lake region in Canada. 

Researchers say that this dog was a very playful and affectionate dog breed that loved to befriend strangers by rubbing against people like a cat. 

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