Scary but Common Dog Problems

Many dogs bark, howl, whimper or whine as a means of communicating with you and other dogs.  

The important first question to ask is, why is your dog barking? It could be a sign of excitement, attention-seeking, anxiety, boredom, a warning or simply a response to other dogs.  

They adore learning tricks and will follow your every command, as long as training sessions are followed by copious amounts of snuggling. 

Whether it's your couch, your shoes or your wardrobe, when your dog takes to chewing your things, you'll soon find a trail of destruction in the home. 


This is not uncommon for dogs. Many breeds, like terriers, are prone to digging due to their hunting tendencies. 

Just like humans, dogs can become lonely and anxious when left alone for extended periods of time. Your dog may be destructive towards their environment, noisy or prone to chewing or urinating inappropriately. 

To know if this is due to separation anxiety, consider whether this behavior starts as you are preparing to leave or whether the problem behavior begins within 15 minutes of leaving. 

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