Strongest Cats Breeds in the World

Cats don't usually perform jobs like dogs do, but some owners prefer active, adventure-seeking cats to lazy lounge cats 

Chartreux cats are one of the oldest and strongest cat breeds, with mentions of them dating back as far as the 1500s. They're usually medium to large in size, agile hunters and are extremely muscular. 

They have a dense coat and a stocky build, but don't let their rounded features deceive you. They're capable of big leaps when they feel like it.  

Burmillas started out as an experiment. Breeders crossed chinchilla Persians with Burmese cats, and people went wild over the result:  


a Cream and silver cat with dramatic, built-in eyeliner and wild-looking grey stripes. Males are usually bigger than females, but all Burmillas are average in size. 

Korat cats are small but mighty. They have a strong build and a striking blue-grey coat with silver tips. Their heart-shaped faces have won over many in their native land 

Medium-sized Manx cats are stocky and strong. Hailing from the Isle of Man, these cats are lively entertainers with a sweet personality and piles of fur 

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