The Beginner’s Guide on How To Do Simple Nail

Even though it might seem like you are not wearing nail polish at all, there is nothing better than well-polished neat simple nails. 

After all, a simple or “no-manicure” manicure is timeless and classic for a reason. You can compare it with your favorite ballet flats – they go with everything, and you can wear them daily, for work, or a night out 

Your nail care routine should start with preparing. Just like you prep the face before doing your makeup, you need to clean the nails with lukewarm water.  

Simple nails are typically associated with short nails. This separates them from a classy French manicure, which is done with longer nails. 


Trim the nails by using clippers. You don’t need to clip them all the way but leave approximately 1/8 inch above the tips. This way, you get comfort and chicness in one. 

File the nails to shape them to the desired look. You can choose between many different nail shapes. Since this is a short nail look, go for a round, oval, square, or almond shape. 

Choosing a simple polish depends a lot on your skin tone or undertone. You must determine your skin tone and undertone before picking that perfect neutral shade for your manicure.  

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