The Best Flower Nail Designs for Any Season

This is one of my favorite floral nail designs I created earlier this year." "The chrome base looked perfect in purple." Each blossom has a little gold bead in the middle and is yellow

This style by nail artist San Sung Kim has hyper-realistic flowers, purple-and-white checkerboard, and white polka dots. Consider "a dotting tool, fine liner brushes, or even toothpicks," for detailed designs

"I used real dried flowers," Rivas adds of this design. "I added dried green leaves and glitter flakes, then gel." The appearance features a huge fuchsia flower, tiny leaves, light purple blooms, and gold leaf

This outfit is unusual thanks to '70s shapes and hues. With blossoms on two nails each hand, the aesthetic is simple but powerful. Because the floral shape is so simple, a dotting tool can recreate it.


This elegant design uses blue and white to evoke exquisite china. Because chinaware comes in so many shapes, you can build an intricate or simple pattern.

One floral nail might stand out among various designs. This matte fall mani uses warm earth tones like sage green and latte brown.

This outfit works year-round since I used five subtle colors: blue, red, pink, and yellow. On one nail, little flower clusters simulate a tip, while on another, larger blooms take the focus.

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