The Healthiest Foods For Your Thyroid

Shellfish, including clams and mussels, is one of the best food groups for thyroid health 

drink coffee, then you might have a lower risk of thyroid disease. Caffeinated coffee seemed to have a better effect than decaffeinated. 

kale's high iodine content, it harms the thyroid. Although people with thyroid disorders should limit iodine, they should not avoid it entirely.  

Brazil nuts are rich sources of selenium; one ounce gives you 988% of your daily recommended intake. Fortunately, selenium is also essential for your thyroid. 


Seaweed has a lot of iodine. Depending on the type, it might contain between 11% to 1,989% per gram. People in some countries, like America and Europe, need more iodine in their diets  

Avocado is another protective fruit for your thyroid. Instead of blocking diseases, it inhibits the effect of chlorpyrifos. Chlorpyrifos is a type of pesticide that can damage the thyroid. 

Apples have a unique type of fiber called pectin. This gelatinous-like substance removes toxins from the body, mainly mercury. 

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