The Hottest Nail Trends of 2023

Mauve, pink, and peach nail polish provide the appearance of facial blushing. A milky white lacquer is the base color for blush nails, which start at the center

Chrome nails, which seem like mirrors, come in silver, bronze, purple, and blue. These finishes suit complete nails or accent colors.

Dual finish nails are created by contrasting the tip and base with two polishes, such as shimmery with glossy, metallic with matte, or shiny with matte. 

A matte finish enhances any nail, regardless of length, color, or base paint. Cream, glitter, metallic, pearly, and textured polish finishes look new with a matte topcoat.


Nail art has always used pink. Barbie's popularity made all colors of pink the 2023 color of choice. The film promoted brilliant pink, although pale and pastel muted pinks also look new.

Pop art nails' bright colors and designs are inspired by comic novels. These manicure patterns use vivid colors and lines around the nail like cartoon outlines.

Dark reds, especially red wine-like ones, are stunning alternatives to black. Merlot, burgundy, berry, mahogany, and sangria are trendy, adaptable, and best.

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