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The Ultimate Guide to Nail Care

Keep your nails clean: Cleanliness is essential when it comes to nail care. Make sure to wash your hands frequently and use a brush to gently clean your nails.

Keep your nails hydrated by applying hand cream regularly. Dry, brittle nails are more prone to breakage and damage

Trim your nails regularly: Regularly trimming your nails prevents them from growing too long and breaking.

File your nails correctly: File your nails in one direction to avoid causing damage to the nail bed.

Use a base coat: Applying a base coat protects your nails from damage and helps nail polish last longer.

Choose quality nail polish: Cheap nail polish can cause your nails to dry out and become brittle. Invest in high-quality nail polish brands to keep your nails healthy.

Give your nails a break: Let your nails breathe by taking breaks from nail polish and acrylic nails.

Avoid harsh chemicals: Chemicals found in household cleaning products and nail polish removers can be damaging to your nails. Wear gloves when cleaning and use acetone-free nail polish remover.

Consult a dermatologist: If you notice any changes in the appearance of your nails, such as discoloration or thickening, consult a dermatologist. These could be signs of an underlying health condition.