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The Zodiac Signs, From Most Trendy to Least

Aquarius has an eye for standout wardrobe pieces and a unique sense of style, earning them the fourth spot on the most fashionable scale


Virgos may have a more traditional approach to fashion, it's not fair to generalize their style as boring or lacking in creativity.


Scorpios may not follow traditional fashion rules, they still have a strong sense of personal style that is unique to them.


Geminis have a dual nature, and this can be seen in their fashion sense as well. They often experiment with different styles and trends, and can effortlessly mix and match


Capricorns are known for their sophisticated and timeless fashion sense, with a focus on quality and craftsmanship.


Aries, a bold fire sign, is not afraid to make a statement with their fashion choices. While some trends are better left alone, they always carry their outfit with confidence.


Libras are ruled by Venus and known for their balanced, stylish sense of fashion, celebrities like Kim Kardashian.


Taurus individuals have a taste for luxury and indulgence, reflected in their impeccable fashion sense and tendency to invest in high-quality items


The Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius sign is not one to stick to the conventional fashion rules. They love to experiment with bold


Leos are trendsetters, ruled by the sun. Their outfits are always on fire with the latest styles and colors, daring prints and over-the-top arrangements.


While comfort is important for Cancers, they also have a soft spot for vintage and sentimental pieces.


Pisces' fashion style can be described as kidcore, with colorful patterns and playful outfits reminiscent of childhood clothing.