This is your Zodiac sign's soda brand

 Aries is the first sign in the zodiac makes sense as they adore being first. Fire signs, symbolized by the ram, are driven, confident, and straightforward.

Earth signs Taurus are stable, grounded, and unyielding like rocks. They offer solid advise to friends due to their levelheadedness. They value consistency and work as hard as they do their personal time.

Cancers avoid conflict because they fear their generosity will be seen as weakness. Even though Cancers naturally care for others, they require safe partnerships to feel good.

Like their lion counterparts, Leos are proud. At its best, these signs enjoy celebrating others' successes. At their worst, they may feel intimidated or jealous when not in the spotlight.


Most Virgos are obsessive perfectionists. You can always count on these signs for help because they adore projects. Virgos enjoy doing small jobs that help others, especially if they can check them

Libras, represented by a scale, seek and maintain equilibrium in all aspects of life. They may not be recognized for their eye for symmetry, both internally and externally. 

Scorpios are alluring because of their mystique. They may be hidden and dark, threatening but appealing. The scorpion symbolizes their vengeance and intensity. 

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