Top 10 Friendliest Cat Breeds

Maine Coons the gentle giants of the cat fancy because to their big stature and tufted claws and ears. Though big, these cats are loving with other cats, people, children, and dogs.

 Siamese cats have beautiful blue eyes, are curious, and are loving. The CFA deems Siamese the “quintessential people cat.” 

Abyssinians, one of the oldest cat breeds, originated in Egypt. They're now known for being faithful buddies who want to do everything you do

Ragdolls are calm, sweet cats that follow you everywhere. They often greet families at the door and make terrific lap cats. They can also play fetch!


Sphynx, the hairless cat, is distinctive. Friendly, outgoing, and smart. They also adore attention and may get in trouble to make sure you're watching!

Persians are popular cats due to their lovely, sensitive nature and adorable expressions. Long-haired cats like calm and quiet, making them good lap cats. 

Burmese are loving cats who want to be with their families. According to the CFA, their magnetic charm has won over cat haters for years.

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