Top 10 most beautiful animals in the world

Tigers are the world’s most beautiful apex predators, with their thick, tawny red and black striped coats, bone-crushing fangs, huge, neck-snapping paws, and imperial mien. 

the white tern, Gygis alba is pure white, with a black bill and large black eyes. Also called the white noddy, it has a 30- to 34-inch wingspan and is found around the coasts of the Pacific Ocean  

the peacock is bound to be on a list of the world’s most beautiful animals. Its jewel-like coloration and the male’s stupendous train are unignorable 

This beautiful but unusually shaped tropical fish is about a foot long and native to the coastal waters of the Indo-Pacific. Its body is more or less oval-shaped, very flat with a huge head and a tiny mouth with powerful teeth. 


This beautiful, nonvenomous snake is found in the pine forests and fields of the American south and east. It grows in length from between 2 to 4.27 feet and has a stunning color pattern of black, red, white, or yellow bands over its body.  

It is bright, light green with yellow spots and pinpoints of black. Its bulging eyes are golden, its black pupils are horizontal, and it has a blunt little snout. 

These shell-less sea slugs come in a rainbow of colors. They are found in all the seas of the world, from the chilly Arctic to the even colder Southern Sea around Antarctica. 

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