Top 10 most healthy cat breeds in 2023

The eye-catching Russian Blue has a life expectancy of around 15–20 years, but some have been known to live up to an impressive 25 years.  

The Egyptian Mau's speckled coat is enough to adore them, but they have more to give! They are active and friendly and will seek human attention. Life expectancy is 13–16 years.

The iconic Maine Coon is a hefty, healthy cat breed developed to survive New England winters. Maine Coons can live 10–15 years, however genetic health issues should be considered when breeding them.

Manx Cats have longer hind legs than most breeds and are virtually invariably tailless. They are numerous, successful, and active hunters. No one likes being an inside cat. This breed lives 9–13 years.


A 30-year-old Siamese cat claims the world record for oldest cat! The average life expectancy is 10–13 years. This breed can develop genetic diseases including progressive retinal atrophy

The world's tiniest cat breed, the Singapura, may be the friendliest! They usually live 11–15 years and are quite healthy. They're energetic and interested, so you'll need time to play with them.

American Wirehairs live 7–12 years and have a wiry coat. These calm cats are more adaptable than many other breeds and make great family companions due to their kindness.

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