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Top 10 reasons for break-ups

To improve as an adult, especially when raising a family, give up negative behaviour.  If you can't stop on your own, rehab is an option. 

Bad behaviors

The key is to prevent falling into this trap in the first place.  Your partner will become much more alluring if you entirely give up even the thought of having sex with other people.


Bringing a lot of bad energy inside when you get home can only make matters worse.  Just asking for a hug and stating, "Honey, I've had a bad day," will quickly shift your mood and provide the calming you need.

Misdirected anger

If you can't be there for the person you love when they're upset or stressed out due to a life event, you're telling them it's not worth your time and effort.  Your loved one feels unworthy as a result.

Being unsupportive

Your partner may not like certain of your friends for one of two reasons: Either there is a control issue at play, or these people are toxic and shouldn't be in your lives.

Toxic people

The one you love will ultimately stop requesting your affection if you are not affectionate with them.  We stop asking after receiving enough negative responses.

Withholding affection and attention

Honestly, why? In order to avoid making a negative impression or having to acknowledge to doing something your spouse disapproves of?   If you stop lying, your relationship will improve immediately.


If you are going to steal from someone you care about, you need to get assistance because you have a problem.  You still need to seek counselling even if you feel entitled or your partner is a scrooge.


When you are at odds with one another, there is a procedure that needs to be taken into account.  Giving up is not the same as giving in. In relationships, compromise is essential.

Giving up

Simply put, you cannot have a good relationship without excellent communication.  So take a seat with a coffee and speak up.

Not communicating