Top 8 Best Smart Dog Breeds

Border Collie The valedictorians of the dog world, these herders took the top spot in Stanley Coren's intelligence rankings, meaning most can learn a new command in under five repetitions and follow it at least 95% of the time.

German Shepherd German Shepherds happily serve as police dogs, seeing eye dogs, medical assistance dogs and therapy dogs, so it's no surprise that consistent obedience comes standard with this breed.

Doberman Pinscher Dobermans got their start in the late 19th century, when a German tax collector named Louis Dobermann wanted a medium-sized pet to act as both a guard dog and companion.

Shetland Sheepdog Smaller than collies, these adorable fluff balls hold their own in herding, agility and obedience trials.


Labrador Retriever Labs love to please, whether they're serving as guide dogs, narcotic detection dogs or just everyday family pets.

Rottweiler Rottweilers likely descended from drover dogs in Ancient Rome, with the rugged, dependable temperament to boot.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is extremely energetic and highly trainable. For most commands, all they need is a treat as an incentive to obey. 

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