Top 8 Wolves-Looking Dogs

American Alsatians are wrapped in varieties of brown, black, and white fur. Shaggy with piercing yellow eyes, American Alsatians bear a striking resemblance to wolves. 

Northern Inuit Dogs — also known as Kugsha — were explicitly bred as wolf-looking canines for both work and companionship. Like their wild brethren, Northern Inuit Dogs have massive heads and upright, pointy ears.  

The medium-sized canines — bred by the Chukchi people — originally hail from northern Asia. Some strains are geared towards sledding; others are built for guarding and companionship. 

A mix between German Shepherds and Eurasian grey wolves, Saarloos Wolfdogs have large, upright, pointed ears and long thin legs. 


Medium-sized with large, triangular ears and dark, amygdaliform eyes, Canadian Eskimo Dogs exude an undeniable wolf-like aura. 

A cold-weather canine bred to haul snow sleds, Alaskan Malamutes can bear Arctic temperatures. But caveat emptor: all that toasty fur — which gives them a wolf-like appearance — falls out! Alaskan Malamutes shed, shed, and then shed some more. 

People are quick to accuse German Shepherds of hyper aggression, but in reality, most are simply aloof with strangers — not hostile. Individuals who join families as pups are usually loving, cuddly beings. They’re also intelligent, quick learners. 

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