Which Sign of the Zodiac Is Most Temperate? The 7 Angriest People

Aries:  Individuals born under this zodiac sign are passionate and assertive, but they can become irritable when their desires or ambitions are thwarted. A fit of irrationality may result in outbursts of rage.

Leo:  Due to their self-assured and haughty nature, Leos may retaliate angrily if they perceive insult or their ego is wounded. Their ardent disposition has the potential to induce combustible responses.

Scorpios,  who are intense and profoundly emotional, are capable of displaying a fiery temper if they feel betrayed or manipulated. They have a tendency to harbor emotions, and their ire can become quite intense when provoked.

Taurus:  Although typically patient, when tested beyond their limits, Taureans may display a fiery temper. They have a high regard for stability and can become obstinately irate when their routine is disturbed.

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Sagittarius:  Known for their independence and free-spiritedness, Sagittarians who feel confined or constrained may become hot-headed. When they perceive a threat to their freedom, their ire may become agitated.

Capricorns  are generally composed individuals; however, they may become enraged if they perceive incompetence or if their aspirations are thwarted. Uncomfortably, their ire could percolate beneath the surface until provoked.

Pisces:  Sensitive and compassionate, Pisceans are susceptible to emotional outbursts when they feel exploited or when they are overcome with emotion. Although they may exhibit wrath less frequently, it is nonetheless intense.