Why Your Nails Keep Peeling and Flaking

Nail peeling is similar. One of those bothersome beauty issues you may want to ignore, peeling nails has many causes. Diet, manicure, or underlying condition may be to blame.

Once you know what's wrong, you can get help. “TLC for your hands and nails may work, but if not, consult your primary care doctor or dermatologist

Your dermatologist will ask about possible causes or exposures and any medical conditions or medications that may be involved.

 hand wetting or drying is the most prevalent cause of peeling nails. So it happens commonly with hairdressers, housekeepers, and other vocations needing frequent handwashing.


Dried nails after buffing might peel and split like moisture-laden nails.

Chemicals in gel and acrylic nail adhesive and hand soap, sanitizers, and laundry detergent can dry out and peel nails.

Picking at polish, chewing your nails, or using your nails to open a can of seltzer may not seem dangerous, but they can cause nail peeling.

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