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The Smartest Birds You Didn't know

Capable of understanding words meaning. An African grey parrot named Alex can recognize, over 50 objects, many colors, shapes & quantities.

The African Grey Parrot

They have a high capability of self-awareness. They perceive the image as for another animal and either attack it or run from it .

The African Grey Parrot

Ravens have somber looks & are not only capable of using tools but also of planning ahead a task.

The Raven – Amongst The Smartest Birds

Crows manifest their intelligence mostly through their capacity to memorize faces, They are also great at using tools.

The Crow

Kea is remarkable for its problem-solving skills & also very curious by nature and loves to investigate manmade objects, from cameras to luggage.


They belong to the parrot family. Research shows that cockatoos are smarter than human toddlers.


This colorful, fun-loving, parrot is known to be a very intelligent bird of its species. Macaw is so intelligent that it can perform magic tricks.


They are known for their exceptional memory and self-awareness skills.


They are excellent planners, and their intelligence levels go up to imitate humans.


It is one of the smartest birds which has commendable problem-solving skills.