Your Eye Color May Indicate Your Attractiveness

But here's the kicker: it might also reveal your sexual preferences. Although it's common for romantic partners to have a few physical characteristics

study suggests there may be another, less obvious reason why you're attracted to a particular eye color.

Lisa DeBruine of the University of Glasgow and her coauthors observed that romantic partners with the same eye color as their parents were preferred more often than those with different eye colors. 

The research team enlisted 300 heterosexual and homosexual men and women to explore the hypothesis that a person's eye color can indicate their attractiveness. 


Participants recorded their own eye color, as well as the eye color of their partners and parents. The study participants' responses were then sorted into two groups

The odds of having a partner with the same eye color as one's father were shown to be twice as high for both straight women and gay males. On the other hand

They (DeBruine and her coworkers) hypothesize that children "imprint" on the parent to whom they are sexually attracted and that this influences their later sexual orientation. 

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